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DC 1

DC 1

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The DC 1 is inspired by the Fiat 500 Jolly Ghia, a true icon of the 60’s “jet set” and of their frequent visits to seaside resorts.

This open-topped version, equipped with rattan seats, designed to move at restrained speeds over short distances, reveals its full potential thanks to electric propulsion: original performances are retained, flexibility and silence are gained!

The DC 1 state of mind

Driving a DC 1 means Onassis, Brynner, Wayne and Grace Kelly all at the same time
Driving a DC 1 means simply treating yourself to some fun
Driving a DC 1 means you appreciate beautiful bodywork as well as the environment
Driving a DC 1 means making your environment prettier

Technical specs

Same performances as the original vehicle

Speeds of 90km/h and over a 100km of real autonomy

Less than 4 hours for a complete charge through a domestic power socket (220v/16a)

Removable solar roof providing a complementary charge and potentially voiding the need to plug the car into the grid


Dinghy’s first model, the DC 1, will launch with a numbered series of 99 vehicles.

As these will be made available on a first-come-first-served basis, you may as of now express your interest in purchasing a DC 1 by returning the dedicated form.

In the course of 2017, you will be invited to convert your non-binding Expression of Interest into a pre-order that will be accompanied with a deposit of 10% of the planned sales price.

Once the final and certified vehicle has been presented, the production schedule will be confirmed and you will then be asked to confirm your firm order.