Recipe for a demonstration vehicle (2/2)

Before all else, Dinghy is an electric powertrain: for the demonstration vehicle, we have decided to keep the original gearbox, which allows us to avoid installing a specific “bridge” dropbox. Subsequently, we are required to adapt the Fiat 500’s original gearbox. Sketches, simulations, the creation of a battery pack based on Lithium Iron Phosphate modules created for aviation and the installation of a test bench for the electric powertrain… The engine turns forward and backward… So far, so good!

On the bodywork front, the Fiat 500 begins its transformation into an handcraft vehicule, a Dinghy DC 1: by bending tubes, installing reinforcements, cutting, welding, sanding…

At last, a Dinghy DC1 is made of a mythical rattan seats: the production of the upholstery is a job for golden-handed artisans. Catherine, a reputed artisan and one of France’s last rattan specialists, helped by her husband Christophe, who has for his part been awarded the Best Worker of France title, takes on the meticulous work of dressing the seat structures with rattan marrow.