Numbered and limited series = Expression of Interest

In order to organise the deliveries of the DC 1, Dinghy’s first undertaking based on the legendary Fiat 500 Jolly Ghia, and the allocation of the initial 99 vehicles as accurately as possible, five steps leading up to your vehicle’s delivery have been defined.


The first of these steps, the Expression of Interest, is free and non-binding. It allows you to register as early as possible into the DC 1’s production schedule and for the allocation of the numbered models.

The Expression of Interest shall be available until the implementation of pre-ordering and guarantees its signatory first-come-first-served priority for such pre-ordering.

The first 99 expressions of interest that result in a firm order will be granted, in addition to a numbered vehicle from the initial series, a 5% discount on the final sales price.


We invite you to return your Expression of Interest at your earliest convenience:

  1. Print out two copies of the “Expression of Interest” form
  2. Fill in and sign both copies
  3. Return both copies by post to the following address:
    Gentlemen Drivers SAS
    “DC 1 Expression of Interest”
    4 Domaine de la Tuilerie
    78740 Jouars Pontchartrain

Or send a scanned version to

We will then register your interest, assign you a number in the distribution queue, and return a signed and numbered copy.


Expression of Interest

Download your Expression of Interest for a DC 1

Expression of Interest

Download your Expression of Interest for a DC 1